Sewing Basics eBook

Want to learn to sew? Not sure where to start? We have the solution. The Learn to Sew ebook and Pattern Pack includes 7 beginner sewing lessons:

Lesson 1: Materials and Tools Needed

Lesson 2: Basic Fabric Anatomy

Lesson 3: Pattern Reading and Layout

Lesson 4: Sewing Machine Anatomy

Lesson 5: Threading a Sewing Machine

Lesson 6: Seam Finishes

Lesson 7: Fabric Care

Also include are 9 sewing printables:

·     Fabric Anatomy

·     Fabric Care Guide

·     Guide to Sewing Machine Needles

·     Sewing Took Kit Guide

·     Sewing Machine Anatomy

·     Taking Measurements

·     Understanding Fabrics

·     Paper Sewing

PLUS, if you run into problems, you can join our Facebook group and ask questions to get help right away.

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